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All drawings/Spec. subject to change without notice.
Drawing Product spec.
Model Number  CAHH110828E
HDMI A type Male To Male Cable 28AWG - Support Ethernet
Port 1: HDMI A Type male connector(19Pin) with gold contacts
Port 2: HDMI A Type male connector(19Pin) with gold contacts
♦ Great to use with HDTV & TV Displays, Cable and Satellite Boxes, DVD Players, DVRs, Game Consoles, Cameras, Computers;
♦ 28AWG Copper tinning plated cores with low capacitance dielectrics;
♦ 100% Triple Shielded TMDS & HEAC channels - 2x Mylar Foil Wrap + Braid;
♦ Double shielded CEC & DDC & SCL/SDA & 5V DC cores - Mylar Foil Wrap + Braid;
♦ Flame - retardant VW-1 UL Rated;
♦ Extremely High Bandwidth - Over 10.2 Gbps
♦ With Ethernet – includes Ethernet connectivity
♦ With Audio Return Channel
♦ Support for 3840x2160 24Hz | 25Hz | 30Hz
4096x2160 24Hz
♦ 3D support for up to 1080p resolution
Supports data rates beyond 1080p, including Deep Color and all 3D formats;
♦ Support for Additional Color Spaces
♦ Real-Time Content Signaling
♦ Uncompressed Digital Video Transmission
♦ Uncompressed Multi-Channel Digital Audio
Resolution Comparison Chart
The shape of the connector insert
A Type HDMI 19P male A Type
◆Housing: LCP
◆Contact: Copper alloy
◆Shell: steel
◆Contact: 15u”、3~5u”、G/F
◆Shell: G/F or Nickel

HDMI Cable (1P+D+AL)*5+1P+2C+AL+B Jacket Length: Customer definition.
(Unit: mm)

AWG TMDS Signal wire Else Signal wire Overall Diameter
30 5P Tinned copper
Silverd copper
Bare copper
1P+2C OD6.0mm Matte
Half Matte
28 OD7.3mm
26 OD8.0mm
24 OD9.5mm
♦ Insertion force: 44.1 N Max.
♦ Withdrawal force: 9.8 N min.

♦ 100% open & short test
♦ Hi-Pot: DC 300V 10ms
♦ Insulation Resistance: 10M Ohm Min.
♦ Contact Resistance: 28AWG cable: 2.0~3.0 Ohm Max.
♦ Working Temperature: -25oC ~ +85oC


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