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All drawings/Spec. subject to change without notice.
Drawing Product spec.
Model Number  CAUS21
USB 2.0 A type male to B type male cable
Port 1: USB2.0 A type male connector with gold contacts
Port 2: USB2.0 B type male connector with gold contacts
♦ USB is intended to replace many varieties of serial and parallel ports. USB can connect computer peripherals such as mice, keyboards, PDAs, game pads and joysticks, scanners, digital cameras, printers, personal media players, flash drives, and external hard drives. For many of those devices, USB has become the standard connection method. USB was designed for personal computers, but it has become commonplace on other devices such as PDAs and video game consoles, and as a power cord between a device and an AC adapter plugged into a wall plug for charging.
Connector: USB Type A Male to Type B Male
PC and Mac compatible
Certified USB 2.0 Cable
Works with all USB devices
Data transmission speeds up to 480Mbps
Manufactured to the latest USB 2.0 specifications
40 times faster than USB 1.1
Hi-Speed USB 2.0 shielded cable
Backwardly compatible with USB 1.1
Specially used for almost all kind of printers which has USB B type.
Resolution Comparison Chart
The shape of the connector insert 
USB A Type Male USB Cable USB B Type Male
◆Housing: PBT
◆Contact: Copper alloy
◆Shell: steel
◆Contact: 15u”、3~5u”、G/F
◆Shell: G/F or Nickel


USB2.0 Cable 1P+2C+AL+E+B Jacket  Length: Customer definition.
               (Unit: mm)

 AWG Twist wire Else wire  Overall Diameter
30+30  1P  Tinned copper
 Silverd copper
 Bare copper
2C OD3.0~3.5mm Matte
Half Matte
30+28 OD3.5~3.8mm
28+28 OD3.5~4.2mm
28+24 OD4.0~4.8mm


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