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All drawings/Spec. subject to change without notice.
Drawing Product spec.
Model Number  CAVGA3
VGA to 3 RCA component video cable
Cable Type: Video Cable
Connector1: VGA(SVGA/HD15) Male
Connector2: RCA Male( Red, Green, Blue)
Cable Length: Optional

♦ This cable is primarily used for connecting video projectors with Component-in capability through it is VGA port. It can only function with a VGA port that is either able to recieve or transmit Component signals (Y, Pr, Pb).
♦ IT WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO CONNECT YOUR COMPONENT VIDEO SOURCES TO A REGULAR COMPUTER MONITOR OR HDTV unless you monitor specifically has this capability. Most do not. (Please check the documentation for your computer monitor)
♦ THIS CABLE WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO CONNECT YOUR COMPUTERS VGA PORT TO THE COMPONENET INPUT ON YOUR HDTV unless your video card supports component out function through it is VGA port (please confirm with your video cards documentation before purchasing)
♦ This cable will not convert RGBHV into Y, Pr, Pb.
♦ This cable will not convert Y, Pr, Pb to RGBHV
♦ This cable will not support Y, Cr, Cb

♦ RG-59/U Cable
♦ 75 Ohm Coaxial Cables
♦ 24K Gold plated Connector.

Resolution Comparison Chart


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