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All drawings/Spec. subject to change without notice.
Drawing Product spec.
Model Number  111055
Micro HDMI to VGA Female Cable
Port 1: Micro HDMI Male connector
Port 2: VGA Male connector

1.  No need extra Power, from HDMI Power
2. Built-in chipset,Supported Video Device
3. The micro HDMI to VGA Adapter allows for a connection to VGA monitors and projectors supporting a maximum resolution of 1920X1080
4. It supports full-size high-definition resolution of 720p or 1080p
5. Can use for All Micro HDMI input to VGA output device

1. Connector: Micro HDMI male to VGA female
2. Chip in-set, Plug and play, Easy to operate
3. Product Features: This product is a portable digital-analog conversion line, defined through a standard HDMI input HD sources, you can convert HDMI video output to VGA
4. Support HDCP 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3, HDMI Input: 480i / 576i / 480p / 576p / 720p / 1080p, VGA Output: 480i / 576i / 480p / 576p / 720p / 1080p
5. Products are widely applied to: Computer, DVD, digital set-top box, laptop, mobile phone, digital camera, Tablet PC, media player
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